Friday, October 8, 2010

22 and 2/3 Months

Where does the time go?! I've been meaning to blog, but I'm just so dang tired most nights. I just wanted to post a few pictures for the faithful followers and maybe and update or two for myself. I was showing someone my printed blog book the other day and was reminded about how good I used to be at posting. Our 2010 book will be pretty thin.

Logan sees me with my sunglasses on my head and thought he'd try it, too.

Since the weather has been so nice lately, we've been heading to the park at least once every weekend and maybe once during the week, too. He is a little daredevil on the winding slide (in the background). He climbs up it and stands at the top looking over the side. Makes us pretty nervous, but we're aware that this is pretty low on the scale of dangerous behavior to come.

We had our trees trimmed the other day and then found this in our driveway. I don't think I've ever seen a praying mantis (outside of the zoo of course).

A friend of mine invited us to bring a friend day at Little Gym a few weeks ago. Logan learned to do a somersault (assisted) and liked to hang from the low bar. Here's a picture from Mr. Brian's iPhone.

Hannah turned 1 in late September. This was Logan's first time in a bounce house. It took some convincing, but we finally got him in. Logan still doesn't know how to jump. I'm not bothered by it really because we don't do a lot of jumping around here, but I took an online survey the other day and realized he's in the bottom 10% for this skill. Are all the other moms lying? Maybe we should practice more. Hmmm.

Silly, silly, silly is what Logan is these days. He is a silly little boy who does goofy things for a laugh. Hide and seek, running and screaming, walking like a bear in the buff before bath time, blowing bubbles in his milk, squishing his peas. He gets in trouble for the last two.

Logan screams his ABCs through E then kind of yells bits and pieces of the rest - in tune though! He also relates candles to birthdays. Our supper club was at our house last weekend and I was lighting several candles throughout the house and he started singing Happy Birthday.

One thing that really amazes me right now is how Logan knows his way around town. He points out the turn off to the road that takes us to the baby pool. The park is near my friend Kim's house and we were going for a visit the other day and he asked if we were going to the park. We've been for pancakes a few times a little diner and he starts talking about it when we get close. He knows when we pass Target or Walmart, when we're headed toward TCU. He knows that we pass roller coasters (Six Flags) and a the big ball (Dallas skyline) when we go to cousin Raleighs. I'm blown away at how much he pays attention in the car.

Brushing his teeth has become a chore again - a wrestling match some nights. He's sleeping great, but stalls at bedtime. We rock and read books, sing and pray, then we put him in his crib. For several months we have played a game where we give kisses through the bars of his crib. First, he would just move from one end of the bed to the other and get a kiss. Up top, down low, crib left, crib right, etc. Then Monkey joined in and we gave him kisses too. Next, was kissing multiple body parts - toes, hands, head, knee. And the other night when we had been through all of this, he paused for a minute and said, "high five?" So I stuck my hand through the bars, we high fived, and that was it. Can't wait to see what's next!

Logan is still content in his crib. He could definitely get out if he wanted to, but is never upset enough to follow through. Several times I've seen him pull up and get a leg on the top rail, but I warn him that he'll fall down and he stops. I don't want to rush him into a big boy bed, but we're in a dilemna about whether to buy Logan new "big boy" furniture or to buy Aaron (99% sure that's boy #2's name) a new crib. And do we move Logan to a new big boy room or do we leave him in his room? We don't want him to think baby stole his room, ya know? We're going to put this decision off as long as we can.

Other goings on include a visit from my mom last week for some shopping and the birth of Logan's second second cousin, Kennedy Tatum (Andrew's cousin Derek's second baby). My camera didn't make an appearance for either event. We took dinner to Dallas Wednesday to see Kennedy and OH MY GOODNESS! I'VE FORGOTTEN HOW SMALL BABIES ARE! It made me a little nervous about #2. Excited, but nervous.

Tomorrow is another TCU home game, Sunday we start a class at church after the early service, so Logan will be doing double-time in the nursery for 5 weeks, and Bob and Judy come on Thursday. Until next time. . .

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