Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tid bits

Logan took his first big spill at the park last weekend. And he wasn't even climbing at the time. He was simply sitting on a picnic table bench facing away from the table and decided to face plant onto the concrete below. I instantly picked him up to console him and when he picked his head up off my shoulder there was blood everywhere. I panicked at first because I didn't know what the source of the blood was. We headed back to the car quickly to clean him up and head home. We realized it was coming from his nose and that it wasn't a gash. We were also glad to see his teeth all in tact. His nose didn't seem tender, so we didn't figure it was broken. We knew he was okay when he spotted a lollipop in the back of my car left over from the previous days tailgating. He was fine once that was in his mouth.

Just another "first" at the Thomas house. I don't like the sad firsts!
(and here I am 5 months pregnant!)

checking out the giraffes at the zoo

just another day around here

We took Logan to the airshow today and I knew that I had to get lunch in him before he fell asleep on the way home. We don't typically eat cheeseburgers (especially not McDonald's cheeseburgers!) in the car, but this was an exception. He was too tuckered out to eat anyhow and fell asleep mid bite.

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