Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween

Logan on Friday after school wearing his monster finger puppet. He's enjoying his favorite Friday past time - watching the lawn guys.

Tuesday's Halloween party at Ridglea. We met the Bolgers there for a fun night of dancing and sweets. Logan had tater tots for dinner and Ella had cupcakes. I know he will hate me for this some day. Andrew did not approve of this costume either, but I couldn't resist! This is probably the last year I can get away with sticking him in a farm animal costume. Sorry son, but I think you're darling!

Ella won 1st place for the 3 and under group!!! She boogied down on the dance floor all night, too. She was way entertaining! I warned Logan that we probably need to watch out for that Bolger girl. Her momma says she's feisty! :)

Wish I had bigger copies of these - these gals are gorgeous!
Super Star Singer Lauren

Dark Alice (Lenzy)

Cousin's Addi and Olivia at the Happy Hollow party last weekend. They have a very talented face painter that comes every year. Aren't these costumes great?!

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