Monday, September 13, 2010

A busy weekend

Saturday we started at the duck pond with Asher. The place was a mess because the recent rain had flooded it, but we still had fun and the ducks were very hungry. Asher had never been to the duck pond, so it was fun to watch him explore. He loves water and crossed under the chains and went for a little swim. Fortunately we were very close by and momma Jenn (who is 8 months pregnant) jumped in after him. It was quite a sight! Both were soaked from head to toe. We didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Our duck pond visit ended pretty abruptly.

After nap time we headed out to the TCU game. We were pretty nervous about this season because of Logan's age. Notice the "if lost, please look inside" bracelet on his arm. Our sweet boy has no fear and has some serious speed, so we took caution. The heat index was 105 and the sticky bracelet didn't last long. I'll loop it through his shoe next time. There was nothing relaxing about tailgating - it was hot and we rotated turns following Logan through the parking lot.

Here is our sweaty, red-faced baby boy eating his first brownie. He also managed to cute himself into a giant cookie from another tailgate, so that took care of dinner! So much for the Chick-fil-a nuggets Corey brought him. I know it sounds gross, but I could've sniffed on him all day. I LOVE sweaty baby boy smell.

In the stands with daddy. It was hot up there, too, and he was worn out.
And once the game started he did this the entire first quarter. Turns out it was the noise. "TCU loud" is a common phrase around here now. It took us a while to figure out what his deal was. I thought maybe the heat, so we pulled his jersey up and blew all over him and tried to give him lots of water. He did better in the 2nd quarter because I kept his ears covered. We're getting a sitter for the Baylor game this weekend because it is a nap-time game and it promises to be much louder.

After church on Sunday we swung by Target so I could grab a card for a baby shower that afternoon. I'm a sucker for the toy section and we found this bike 1/2 off! He pretty much loves it. Too bad he doesn't know how to pedal quite yet because Andrew and I have to do a lot of pushing.

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