Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Logan is standing up to potty now. And after a few big messes in his small potty, we're using the big potty exclusively. Does great at school. Doesn't show much interest at home. Wearing pull-ups except for at bed time. More interested in flushing the "tinkle targets" than tinkling on them. Still no #2. I still like to say I'm not officially potty training, but maybe I am. Just waiting for him to get it and I think he will.

Aaron is sleeping thru the night. He stirs a lot as he works his way out of his swaddle. He likes to have his right hand by his face. Sometimes I have to go in and re-swaddle, but he's not eating at night and I guess that's what I consider "sleeping thru the night."

I say all that and then throw a huge BUT out there:

Andrew went to Detroit for work a few weeks ago and, I'M NOT EVEN KIDDING, Aaron woke up 9 (NINE) times the night he left. Every hour (and then some) starting the second I laid my head down at 10:43 PM. The next night it was 5 times, then 4. Then when Andrew was back that Friday. . . . YEP. You guessed it. Slept solid 12 hours. How do they know?! He's been great ever since though, thankfully.

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