Saturday, May 14, 2011

13 week news

Aaron slept all night Thursday! 7:30 - 6:45. This makes twice. Since then, though, he's been up several times a night and can't get himself back to sleep without a paci. The only good thing about this is that now that I'm back to work I call upon Andrew to make the trek across the house. We take turns. Andrew has no idea how many times Aaron gets up at night. He can sleep right through it. So maybe I'm just telling him we're taking turns, but actually letting him get up every time. (wink, wink) Andrew also doesn't read my blog, so he'll never know. . .

Aaron, lovingly called "the little one" around here, continues to be super sweet and easy-going. He enjoys watching Logan play and Logan enjoys narrating his play for Aaron. "I'm playing the guitar, baby Aaron." "Baby Aaron this is my truck." Logan is quick to stick a paci in Aaron's mouth if he gets fussy. He pushes it in pretty good, which sometimes leads to more fussy. Most times its really sweet to watch.

A few of the teachers at school call Aaron Scooter. They just think he looks like a Scooter they say. He does have a sweet goofy grin, so I get it.

Aaron is discovering his hands. He was propped on a pillow on the couch yesterday and I watched him stare at his hands for several minutes. I love to watch him learn. He is also starting to bat at the toys hanging from his play mat.

Oh - and I did move him to a size 2 diaper last week.

I love your dimply smile, little one, and the way you wake up happy. You bring so much joy to our lives. Each day we thank God for you.

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