Friday, May 6, 2011

12 Weeks Already?

Aaron is 12 weeks old today. That went way too fast! He is such a fun baby - happy and easy going. He weighs 14.3 pounds and is in his 3-6 month clothes and filling them in nicely. I still have lots of size 1 diapers I want to get thru, but he really should be in size 2. How many blow-outs will it take before I decide its worth it? More than 3!

Aaron has been in his bed since 8 weeks. From the start he was very comfortable in there. I have a mobile above his bed that shines stars onto a canopy. It runs for 10 minutes and if he isn't asleep when it's over then he can usually put himself to sleep shortly after. He isn't much of a paci guy and can (most of the time) soothe himself to sleep if it falls out. Right now he is going to bed by 8 and only waking once at 4:30. Last Sunday he made it until 6 AM, but I knew better than to get my hopes up. I can't complain.

On Wednesday he laughed for the first time. It was for Andrew of course. He always got Logan going, too, I remember. He is sitting in his Bumbo seat pretty well and enjoys tummy time for about 5 minutes at a time.

I just wish we would have figured out the sensitive stomach issues sooner. It would've saved both us and him the frustration and pain. Another bummer about this is that I have 100 oz in the freezer that I can't give him. It's tainted with my morning yogurt and evening ice cream eating from February and March. I'm hoping the local milk bank will be able to use it. I volunteered there several years ago, but don't remember the rules. I've just stopped breast-feeding (ouch!) as I am going back to work next week and have decided not to try and be super-mom. I have to be realistic and working and breastfeeding would just stress me out I think. He is on the sensitive formula - 5 x 5 oz bottles per day - and his tummy seems very happy.

Aaron spent a few hours on T, W, Th this week in his class at school. He did really great. I'm guessing he's got the advantage of having constant toddler noise at home and found his classroom quite tranquil in comparison. There are only 2 infants in the class - one per teacher. The other kids are all crawlers and walkers. This is great news because he will get lots of attention from Ms. Elaine (Logan's old teacher) and will have the benefit of learning from the older kids.

Asher's brother AJ (Aaron Jax) came to play for a few minutes while my friend Jenn ran an errand. He's 4 months older. We had no idea we were both naming our sons Aaron. So what were we talking about during pregnancy?!

My mom snapped this of Aaron as we walked out the door Tuesday for his first trial run at school.

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Kelsey said...

I finally gave in after two blow outs in one of which led to an absolutely necessary immediate bath! I hate having diapers left over though!