Sunday, April 17, 2011

Macie and Marlie

On Wednesday I took the boys down to College Station to visit my friend Ali and her twin girls. I stayed 2 nights and we had a blast wrangling toddlers. There were parts that were very rough, but we were glad we were together and glad when bed time came. I have several friends with twins and I just don't envy them at all! Ali still makes it look easy, though. Logan enjoyed riding the pink 4 wheeler.

Ali, the master teacher she is, uses flash cards with the girls. Logan played along, too, and being older knew all the words already. So then Ali had them taking turns and when Macie's turn came around she looked at and pointed to Logan like, "I'll pass. You take this one." We got a good laugh.

Ali does have her hands full, but she has been blessed because her girls are super-sleepers. They sleep 12-13 hours at night and take a solid 2 hour nap every day at the same time. We went out for an early morning swing before the girls woke up.

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