Saturday, February 21, 2009


Logan turned 3 months yesterday. I weighed him this morning and he is 14 3/4 lbs. Big boy!

I mentioned several weeks ago that he rolled front to back, but I haven't seen him do it since. So today we had some quality tummy time and look what I've got. . .VIDEO! Please ignore my voice in the background. I find myself repeating the same things over and over. Poor baby is probably like, "Okay, mom, got it. You don't want to interrupt. Now just wipe the darn spit off my face and move on!"

He is SO close to rolling from back to tummy, so I'll have to post that another time. I'm guessing later this week. I have some footage of him trying today, but I'm really annoying in it and Lucy is all over the place licking on him and I'm trying to get the dog out of the shot and kept moving the camera. It would make you sick to watch it - promise.


Anne said...

He is such a cutie...Won't be long and you will be chasing him all around the house.

Anonymous said...

Weeble Wobble till they all fall down. What a rolly polly!

Anonymous said...

NEED NEW LOGA PICS NOW! Pretty please :)