Wednesday, February 18, 2009

For those who need their daily Logan fix

Here are a few new pictures of Logan during our afternoon playtime the past few days. He has become SO vocal and I have the best time going back and forth with him. And I really will learn more about posting a video someday. . .really!

We're all packed up and ready to hit the ground running tomorrow, but maybe if I never go to sleep I won't ever have to wake up and go back to work!


Anne said...

That would be me needing the fix. Good luck in the morning.

Mimi said...

Mimi always needs a Baby Logan fix too. You look so big sitting up in your chair. I like you to look more like a baby.........Have fun with your new friends tomorrow and don't cry and make mommy sad...xoxo Mimi

Amy Cheshire said...

Oh man! I am going to squeeze the cute out of you when I see you, Mr. Sweet Cheeks! I can't wait to see you!