Monday, October 26, 2009

Southbound 35

Logan and I went to Austin this weekend to visit friends. My friend Andrea and her daughter were in from Colorado and this was her last trip before her next baby is due in December. We had an almost-surprise shower (her sister told her the night before. ugh.) for her at a park on Saturday. The weather was perfect. This was Logan's first park visit and he had a good time despite it being nap time. Parks will be more fun when he's walking I think.
Logan loves balloons! He would do this all day if you let him. One problem - mommy hates balloons! It isn't the fear of popping that scares me, its how big they are and how they just get in the way. I think I started hating them in high school when boys would bring them for their girlfriend's birthdays and girlfriend would carry them around all day through the halls. Get out of my way! Ughhh. . .and the static. . . I digress. . .
I had to keep the paci in his mouth so he wouldn't eat the playground rocks, which at one point I caught him spitting out of his mouth anyway - rocks, that is. Oops.

looking at birds. He crawled after them several times, but just wasn't quite fast (or quiet) enough.

I'm clicking my heels together right now and wishing all these girls lived in Fort Worth with me. Me, Carrie (Andrea's sister), pregnant Andrea, Audrey with Taylor, Brandi, Krista (Andrea's nursing school friend)

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