Tuesday, October 6, 2009

And then he threw up.

Here's Logan in the back of our car at Saturday's TCU game. He was doing great - making it a few minutes into the 2nd quarter. I was hopeful that our 1st quarter baby was going to be a half-time baby. Then it started raining. I ran him to cover in my coat. We could still see the game and were mostly content. Then he got a leaky diaper, so I had to make a run for it to the car. . . in the rain. We had fun in the back of the car with the back open watching the rain and then we went home during half time.

Sunday Logan threw up everything he ate. I took him to the Dr. yesterday suspecting an ear infection, too. Double whammy - virus and ear infection. ANOTHER ear infection! After an antibiotic shot in each leg, Logan's ear is feeling much better. He's still having some stomach issues though. Logan will have two more shots tomorrow and two more on Friday. This is the saddest week ever! Nonny came to the rescue on Sunday night. She will be here until he's better. Thanks mom!


Anonymous said...
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Rachel said...

You would never know from this pic that he was sick. It's that time of the year- it just sucks (is that word allowed on a family blog?).

Seriously Marlie- he looks just like my nephew. Can't wait for the zoo!!

Big #1 isn't far away- time to start birthday shopping!!

(Yes- my blog "sucks", I am a "sucky" blogger and I really need to update- promise I will soon!)