Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Just FYI

Logan and I were rear-ended this morning on our way into downtown. We're okay and our car is mostly okay. I'm starting to get sore though. This is the busiest time of year for us and now I have to deal with insurance companies, car repair, and rental car stuff. What a pain! Thank God for good car seats - I don't even think Logan realized anything had happened.

her car

my car (the gash/black smudge on the left side of the bumper is pretty deep)

I did have my morning coffee in hand, so the interior of my car is a mess. I'm going to let Caddy Lady's insurance pay for a good detail job. And maybe my dry cleaning bill, too. I had to come home and rinse off and change clothes because the coffee cologne smell wasn't exactly what I was going for today.

coffee on my sunroof


Mimi said...

Logan I can't figure out what your costume is?????? I will guess a Lion but I was sure you were going to be a monkey. No mattterwhat you are you are DARLING!!! Hugs and kisses, X0x0 Mimi

Ali said...

Oh my gosh! Let me start by how cute the costume is! Then let me say.... I'm sorry about being rear-ended.... so glad you are ok! I so wish I could give that cute face of his a kiss!!!