Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A picture of a picture

Logan's school pictures were available for viewing yesterday. They took 3 poses of each child. Logan only smiled in this one, so it's the only pose I bought. He wasn't unpleasant in the other pictures, he was just staring at the camera like, "are we done yet?".

And I proudly overcame my MUST HAVE THEM ALL - FIRST SCHOOL PICTURES - NEED ALL OF THEM urge and only got 2 sheets! He has his 1 year pictures next month anyway, so I didn't see the need for more. On that note, I just 5 minutes ago read the blog of my friend in KC who is taking his picture and our Christmas pictures. She wrote that at her shoot yesterday it was 34 degrees! What?! I guess I'll have to rethink our wardrobe for this whole thing. Merry Christmas from the Thomases wearing ski gear!


Karyn Hatch said...

I am hoping it's NOT 34 degrees for your pics! A nice day in the 60s would work out just right! :) Looking forward to it!

Amy Cheshire said...

Ummmmm . . . I'm gonna need one of those! And one that Karen takes as she takes phenom ones! So there's my order. Thanks!