Thursday, October 22, 2009


If I concentrate really, really hard I can pronounce the specialty of the Dr. we saw yesterday for Logan. No need for worry. It is just the fancy way of saying ENT - ear, nose, and throat.

Logan has had a constant ear infection for over a month that we know of - could have been longer with no symptoms. He has been on every imaginable antibiotic, including the Rocephin shots that he had six of in one unforgettable week, and none of them have worked.

Logan will have tubes put in his ears next Friday. It is very common and is our only option according to the surgeon. And although we are a little nervous, we know that this is going to be so good for Logan - his balance, his speech, his hearing, his comfort! And hopefully we'll never, ever have another sick visit to the pediatrician's office!

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Anonymous said...

Chloe was just a bit older than Logan when she had tubes put in her ears. I will NEVER forget when the surgeon and the rest of the team came to get her from me. She was wearing a small gown with pink elephants on it. I still have it. I watched, through glass windows,the team of nurses and doctors carry her away down the hall. They were ALL men, and they were patting her back and rubbing her head as they kept walking further away. I remember her looking at me. She was so small and so calm and it was so sweet this little bitty thing surrounded by a group of men who were so gentle. It was like watching Ten Men And A Little Lady.
Logan will do great! Just be prepared for runny ears. But it sure beats ear infections!