Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Logan's 2nd birtdhay party was lots of fun. The weather was perfect, so we rented a small bounce house, some small tables and chairs and made it an outdoor affair.

Mom made the cake. I gave her more than a month's notice and had no idea how far she'd run with it. She brought all the parts from San Antonio and we got to watch the several hour assembly process. And though it stained our hands and mouths for a few hours, it was delicious.

Logan blew out his candles all by himself on the first try. I had no idea he could do that. He's surprised us a lot lately. We let Logan choose his own piece and he chose one of the blue cupcakes covered in candy.

Happy Birthday to you, sweet boy!

Wendi and cousin Raleigh


Lexie and Charlie


kid's table



Grant and Hannah

Gabriel (playing at Logan's new train table - mommy and daddy's gift)


Ella and Logan

Derek, Wendi, Raleigh and baby Kennedy stayed after the party for dinner. Logan opened their gift and hasn't stopped playing with it since.

We opened the the other gifts throughout the day Sunday. The focus at this age is pretty short, and we wanted to talk about who gave him each gift and how nice it was of them to share. We didn't feel we'd get to fully appreciate each gift if we opened all at once. And we also didn't want to overwhelm him.

Logan asked to hold "it." This was his first time to hold a baby and he did a great job. Then later when I was holding Kennedy, he decided to hand me a few trucks and bopped her on the head pretty good. Sorry cuz! That was likely the first of hundreds of talks about being gentle around the baby.

And after everyone was gone and we had deflated the bounce house, Logan asked, "Where'd party go?" And the rest of the weekend told us, "party's gone."

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Emily Osborne said...

SO CUTE, sorry we missed it!!