Wednesday, December 15, 2010

2 Year Stats

Logan's 2 year doctor's appointment was bittersweet. He got his one last vaccine until he's 4 (I think). He was also weighed on the real scale for the first time. While I'm so excited that we're done with shots for a while, I'm sad that this phase is over. He's a big boy now for real. Logan's Dr. is the most wonderful man ever. He teared up before we left and made us promise to bring Logan to some of our visits with Aaron. Maybe Dr. McGehee really does have a special place in his heart for Logan, or maybe he tells all the moms the great things he tells me, but whichever it is, it does make me feel like a proud mom.

Logan weighs 30 pounds and is 35 1/4" long. 75th-ish percentile for both. Logan jumps on our bathroom scale every once in a while and yells out, "25 pounds!" I don't remember ever making a big deal about weighing him, but I guess about 5 pounds ago we must've done something to make him do that.

How would I describe Logan right now? Hmmm. I'm beyond needing to comment on vocabulary. He's talking. Most people can understand what he says, especially if he repeats it. And those terrible two's I mentioned months go, those didn't last long. I've been meaning to retract that post; it was just a 2 week phase or so. He still has fits, don't get me wrong, but they're quickly resolved if we can communicate our way through them. Distraction is also a great tool for us.

Dropping him off for school is getting really time-consuming. He dilly dallies. He wants to touch everything on our way to his classroom. "What's dat?" is his new favorite phrase, even if he knows exactly what that is. And if we ask him to answer that question for himself his best response is, "I dunno." And we are working on "yes." I guess one or both of us must use "uh huh" or "mmm huh" because this his how he answers us.

Cars, trucks, trains, dinosaur noises, rough play, hide and seek, chase - these are a few of his favorite things. He is certainly still all boy. And still a total momma's boy, which I love! He and Andrew have way more fun together right now, especially since I'm pregnant, but when they're done or if something goes sad, he comes runnin' straight to me. It's the best!

Logan is into everything now. He has several stools in the house and will carry them to where ever it is he needs to be a little taller. While this makes for a lot of emptied drawers and messes, he is very good not to touch things in drawers after I've told him once not to touch them. His dilly-dallying nature makes it difficult for him to focus when it is time to pick all said messes up. Sigh.

This is the most fun phase so far. Logan is a joy to be around. He's full of great expressions, his own quirks and opinions. And he's funny! Mom came to visit again the week after Thanksgiving while we had some work done at the house and one evening we were getting ready to go to dinner and run an errand. Mom was in the guest room getting ready and I was tidying the kitchen. I heard Logan say, "I go put it in my piggy bank" as he headed out of the kitchen. It took me a second to register what he had said, then I thought - what in the world is he going to put in there?! So I followed him into the living room and noticed a huge wad of cash in his hand. I died laughing and looked at the kitchen table to notice my mom's small purse wide open. Several times last month he had the opportunity to add to his piggy bank so he's familiar with the idea. We're just glad he knows to save money and not spend it, I guess.

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Katie said...

Cute!! I love the piggy bank story. Can't wait to see pics of your new precious boy and hopefully one day meet Logan in person.