Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Birthday Weekend

Logan's birthday weekend was eventful. On Friday my parents arrived and Logan and Poppy cleaned off the driveway for the party.

That night mom started on cake assembly as Andrew built Logan's train table.

First thing Saturday morning we headed to Portrait Innovations for Logan's 2 year pictures. There's a good reason to pay for a "real" photographer. We were very rushed at our session and didn't get very good pictures. Logan felt the pressure to perform and wouldn't let go of me. BUT we did get a few pictures that we were happy enough with.

Immediately after pictures, we headed to Charlie's birthday party at the park. Charlie and Logan share a birthday, but Charlie is one year older. It was a great party as the kiddos could just run loose and burn some energy.

Happy Birthday Charlie!

On Sunday, we took it easy around the house and played with the new toys.

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