Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas happenings

Logan helped Andrew set the tree up several weeks ago.

On Friday Logan had his class Christmas party. I always get a kick out of how cute they all look sitting at their little tables in an orderly manner. I loved the table cloth and centerpiece - nice touch Ms. Tabby. Logan was dressed in his party attire courtesy of Nonny.

I bought a few kid's Christmas CDs for the car. A few weeks ago I was blaring Celine and when I looked back at Logan at the end of Oh Holy Night he had his hands over his ears. It was hilarious. I explained to him that he could always ask me to turn it down. He remembers that and now I frequently hear, "turn it down, mommy" from the back seat.

Logan has two favorite songs from his CDs - The Grinch and Caroling, Caroling. I don't recall ever knowing the latter, and I don't know what his draw to it is either. Love the Grinch song, though, and am trying to convince him he likes the Chipmunks and Muppets, too.

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