Sunday, December 19, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We had a great visit to Omaha for Thanksgiving. We didn't get any snow, which was nice, but it was still very cold - 17 degrees or so. I can tolerate a dry cold. Since Logan just turned 2, he had his own seat on the plane for the first time. It was great! While you don't have to put children in car seats on the plane, we heard from a few friends that it was the way to go so that he would feel contained and not want to crawl in our laps. Worked great! He was a little nervous after take-off each way, but I just got real close to him and let him know he would be okay.

Thanksgiving morning we headed to the club for brunch. Mimi was nice to take the kiddos downstairs to burn some energy running in the halls so the rest of us could relax and catch up. On the elevator on their way back upstairs, Logan pushed the bell button. Mimi was glad it didn't ring long. Andrew heard the bell and asked who did it. Judy's response, "who do you think?" Pretty much sums up what we're in store for over the next few years!

We relaxed the rest of the afternoon and Matt, Kristi, and the girls came over that night for dinner. Logan is at an age where we don't feel like we have to watch him every second, especially if Olivia is around to report to us. Logan and the girls spent a lot of time in the basement playing.

Friday morning we headed to Mulhol's nursery to see some reindeer. Logan wouldn't cooperate for pictures, but take my word for it - we saw two reindeer hanging out behind a chain-link fence in the back of the nursery by the Christmas trees.
Andrew threw Logan in the ball pit while I wasn't looking. Just realized it while posting.

After the reindeer, we went to a pond at Boy's Town where all the geese gather. Looks like a lot, but there were tons more that I didn't get in the shot, too.

Bob's camera was on the wrong setting on the first trip, so Andrew and Logan had to go back Saturday for round two. A goose bit Logan's finger. They were a little too close for comfort.

Logan also learned that light bulbs are hot. Judy has a light on a plant in the living room during the winter. Logan just reached out and touched it. He was pretty upset to find out how hot it was. We put some ice on it and it got lots of kisses. He was fine after a few minutes, but when we see lights now, he is very good to remind us that lights are hot.

Saturday night we headed to Matt and Kristi's for dinner and to celebrate Logan's birthday again. The kids ran circles around the house most of the time. Judy got them all matching PJs and we got a few pretty good shots of them sitting still by Kristi's kid's tree. I was shocked we were able to get them still and smiling because it was getting late.

Logan had another (yummy) train cake and blew out the candles on his first try again. No one believed he did it, so they re-lit them and he had to show them again.

On Sunday we headed to the Happy Hollow for brunch again, followed by a gingerbread house party. Andrew was in the zone decorating Logan's house. Logan only cared about eating the M&Ms. We had no idea what was going on at the table until we looked at the pictures later. Looks like Addi and Logan did a great job entertaining each other.

Logan's house

Olivia's house

Addi's house. Or should I say Kristi's house?

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