Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Work it. Own it.

When Logan is wide awake and has a full belly, Andrew and I like to have mini photo shoots with him. Andrew laid him on the floor this weekend for a play date with Lucy and I got some this afternoon in his Baby Legs (leg warmers!) They're still a little big on him, but I just think they're so cute! Here are some pictures. . .

Lucy cleaning logan's hands

What big eyes you have.

Check out his tiny little toes in these pictures!

BIG bib for big spit-ups!

After 2 days below freezing, we were glad to get out today. We went to Babies R Us for wipies and new pacifiers, to Barnes and Noble for a latte and some browsing, and to Hobby Lobby because. . . well. . .we pass it on our way home! I also took Logan to meet our dry cleaner. She is the nicest lady who touched my growing belly EVERY time I walked in.

Logan has been a VERY out-and-about baby, but he has slept through every outing. Poor guy probably thinks he's always cooped up inside this house.


SamiG said...

He is too cute! It is crazy how fast they grow and change. I love his little leg warmers. Looking forward to seeing you guys when you come down in Jan. The doc. has given me permission to go to your shower! :)

Rachel said...

BEST post Marlie!! Those BabyLegs are my favorite!! Now that I have you securely addicted to blogging... time to set up a FaceBook Account

Anne said...

The eyes are still blue. Can't wait till next week to see him and Andrew too,of course.

Ann Jud said...

I have become a fan of yours. I love your posts, and Mr. Logan is precious. Congratulations!