Friday, December 26, 2008

(I hope it was a) Merry Christmas!

I meant to blog yesterday to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, but I got distracted. We drove to San Antonio after Logan's breakfast and he was happy the whole trip (sleeping) except for the last 20 minutes when he realized it was time for him to be hungry.

Nonny gave him a bottle the second we walked in the door, so she's his new best friend now. Logan loves his Nonny and Poppy so much. (see Son of a Preacher blog for a picture with Nonny)

On a side note, do you know how much more you have to pack when travelling with a baby??? You'd think we were staying for a month!


SamiG said...

You are so blessed he slept most of the way. Our first trip with Jade to San Antonio from the valley took us 7.5 hrs. She cried the whole way and we had to stop a million times.

We packed like 8 bags (not including gear)- insane! I can't believe we will be doing it all over again in a couple months. This time with a toddler - eek!

corzinetm said...

We are very sorry that we didn't get to see little pumpkin!(and you guys) We have never been sick at the same time before! The girls were very upset and unsympathetic about us being ill. We'll get your gifts out this week! :)