Tuesday, December 23, 2008

5 hours. . .

Logan just fell asleep after being awake for 5 hours! This is a first for our little guy. He didn't nap at all between his last two feedings. He was very content to be awake, but I found myself not knowing what to do with him. Should I do a little song and dance for him? He laid on his activity mat, sat in his swing, stared at me while I read today's mail. . . I should probably take advantage of him being asleep and go to bed myself because I'm sure he'll be out for a while. BUT, a mom's work is never done, so there's too much I'd leave undone if I went to bed now. Besides, I'm waiting for a video to upload. If it works, you'll get to see Logan LIVE!

I think he smiled at Stephanie yesterday and maybe he shot me a smile this morning. I heard babies start smiling between 5 and 6 weeks, so I'm so anxious for it to be a regular event!

Update: I can't get the darn video to load!!! And Logan is awake after being asleep for less than two hours. He's not dirty nor does he have a fever, but he woke up very unhappy. Andrew has swaddled him and he let out a good burp, so maybe NOW he will sleep for a while. This is uncharted territory for us. He has been pretty predictable until now.

This is a picture of Logan earlier today. I sat him up in the chair like I do every afternoon for a few minutes while I get something done. But today I came back into the room to find him like this. . . He didn't seem to mind.

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