Monday, December 22, 2008

Fast Friends

Logan and I had a busy day! My BFF Stephanie and her husband Derek came for a visit this morning to meet Logan. They are expecting a baby girl in March (you look SO cute Steph!) You guys are going to be great parents!

When they left we headed into Fort Worth to meet one of my co-worker's new babies. He is 10 days younger than Logan and is a DOLL!!! He is such a good looking baby and I'm sure he and Logan will be lady killers together some day : )
I love how both babies are wiggly in this picture.

After we left sweet baby Eli's house, we headed to my office for the gift exchange "ceremony." As employees we brainstorm every year about what we are going to get our bosses. This year was a hit I think - King Ranch coolers. To my co-worker blog followers: Great to see you all today!

And since we were in town, I called my dear friend Jessica to see if we could stop by and see her and her three kiddos - sweetest kids you've ever met! I had packed a bottle for Logan just in case he decided to throw a hungry fit at the office, so we were able to stay at Jessica's a while. Her middle boy Luke was a big Logan fan and sang him a lullabye with his guitar right before we left. I was so upset that my camera was in the car because I would've loved to get it on video. Thanks for having us Jessica!

Tomorrow is another visit with a friend and then dentist appointments for Andrew and me - yuck! I haven't finished Christmas shopping, but I'm not about to head to a mall this week. . .or next. So family, sorry if your gifts are late - I'm a little distracted this year.

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