Saturday, December 6, 2008

Cousin Olivia

Thanksgiving day, Andrew's family arrived from Omaha to meet the newest edition to the family. His sister Kristi, husband Matt, Olivia and Addison were so nice to make the LONG drive down. For Olivia, the drive probably felt extra long because she was so anxious to meet her new cousin. Logan was asleep when she arrived, so she was a little upset that she couldn't hold him right away. It was a long nap for the little guy, but she was sure to check on him every 10 seconds to see if he was awake yet.

When he finally did wake up, she was VERY sad to hear that he had to be changed and fed before she could hold him. When I went to feed him she camped out outside his room and knocked to check on us every minute or two.

Then finally, FINALLY, Logan had a dry diaper and a full belly and was ready to meet his cousin. Olivia was so good with him and we look forward to the free baby sitting in our future!


Anne said...

She was so cute just sitting and waiting by that door.

Rachel said...

I love that picture of her outside the door, how cute!!