Saturday, August 6, 2011

Texas Wild Party

We joined our friends (and old neighbors) Travis, Liz and Katie last night at the Fort Worth Zoo to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Texas Wild exhibit. It was 106 degrees out, so we left Aaron home with a sitter. Our normal sitter is on vacation, so we tried a new gal from Omaha who just finished at TCU. She's a pediatric nurse at Cook Children's. Do sitters get any more qualified than that?!

(Boys, for the record, this is the hottest summer since 1980 and we're just days away from breaking that record, too. Just so you know when you're looking at this book years from now. . .)

We enjoyed two train rides, a carousel ride, a bbq dinner and a stroll through Texas Wild. We saw wolves, a huge alligator, river otters, black bears, coyote, jaguars, mountain lions, and several other Texas animals. The alligator was was very close to the glass and was probably our favorite until they fed him and he made a big SNAP in the water which freaked Logan out. River otters were busy, so they were pretty entertaining swimming around, too.

At the end of the night they had a live animal show, so we got to see vultures, opossums , snakes, baby alligators. . . .and penguins all up close. We stopped for ice cream on the way out and Logan played in the water for a bit.

It was a fun night with great friends!

We had a hard time getting him out of this carriage. Pretty sure he would've been happy sitting in it all night.

Being roped by a cowboy

The Spratts

ghetto dad. wassuuuup? Logan picked the bench seat on the carousel at Sea World too. Don't know what he has against horses with a pole gouged through their middle.

Glad he didn't get as wet as those kids.


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