Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Aaron's Dedication

On Father's Day, we dedicated to raise Aaron in a Godly home in front of our church. Bob and Judy were in town for the dedication service.

Aaron was great (of course!) for pastor Chris and Logan enjoyed being in big church. He kept a close eye on all the guitars during the service. We are so blessed to have two happy, healthy, sweet boys. God has been so good to us and we look forward to all the times we get to share God's love and grace and mercy with our boys. What a big responsibility! God, as I write, give us wisdom and patience. Help us to be mindful of all the opportunities to teach our boys your love and kindness.

Cousin Derek, Wendi, Raleigh, Kennedy and Wendi's dad Earl joined us for lunch afterward at Joe T's.

Raleigh and Logan were throwing pennies into the fountain and then the wind shifted and they started to get splashed. . . .

. . .so they just started pushing their piles of pennies into the water. It is so fun to watch these two silly cousins!

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