Thursday, August 11, 2011


Tonight we took Logan to his first circus. (Believe it or not, it was my first circus,too!) We joined Logan's BFF Owen and his family, and again, left Aaron with a sitter. Sorry kiddo - we'll make it up to you! Meredyth was so smart to make a run to the dollar store and put together goodie bags for the boys. We didn't have to buy a thing! Thank for the bags Meredyth and for teaching me your tricks!!!

I didn't get many good pictures and despite what story some of the pictures may tell, we had a great time!

Owen and Logan mesmerized by tigers or acrobats or motorcycles - I don't remember.

No, it's our first circus and we're going to take a picture whether you like it or not!

The Haller Family

Watching the elephants during the pre-show.

AND this marks the night that Logan first tinkled in a bottle! We were in the parking garage leaving the circus - 5th floor and it was taking forever to unwind. Just as we started moving Logan announces that he has to potty. I confirmed that it was just #1, then chugged a bottle of water I had in the car and climbed into the back of the car to assist. Fortunately for us he doesn't seem to remember this. I don't know if he was too tired or what, but I was just so worried that he'd never want to go in the toilet again. Whew!

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