Monday, August 1, 2011

I'll get to it eventually!

The further behind I get on blogging the easier it is to move it to the back of my list. I'm so frustrated with myself. I have so much to share and just no time right now, or at least no time to share it with as much detail as I would like. Here is the brief version. Hopefully I will get in here soon to break it all up into separate posts for my 2011 blog book.

Logan is potty trained - poop, pee, dry pull-ups in the morning. We have arrived. Don't get me wrong - there is the occasional accident. Mostly he just gets to playing too hard that he doesn't make it to the potty in enough time to get his pants down before it's too late. He started pooping really consistently on our trip. He told Nonny the first time she took him, "I pooped Nonny. Wanna see it?" While I'm on the subject I want to be sure to document that a few weeks ago when Ms. Tabby asked him if he needed to poop he told her he was saving it for the car. Thanks Buddy! And, no, he didn't go in the car!

Logan's full size mattress will be delivered on Wednesday and we will likely have him in his big boy bed by Friday. My mom got him a Cars air mattress a few weeks ago that he slept on at my parents house and he did okay at staying put. We are hopeful that he will do great. He still shows no interest in getting out of his crib, and we are putting him in a bed against the advice of so many of our friends, but I just feel so strange putting my little boy in a crib. I can't even call him a toddler anymore really. He just seems so big to me lately. It is breaking my heart that he's growing so fast. Luckily for me, he is still very much a momma's boy. Andrew gets a little sad, but still jokes about it afterward, when Logan says, "how 'bout not Daddy?" when we're talking about who is going to take him to bed. Love you goofball!

We went to San Antonio a few weekends ago. Andrew and I left the boys with my parents and headed to the river for our 10th annual float with our college friends. 10 years? That went quick! We headed back to my parent's house on Sunday and took Logan to Sea World on Monday. It was so much fun watching him take it all in. We go over all of the shows we saw on a regular basis now - Sea Lion noises and all : ) A new favorite toy is the killer whale Aaron is chewing on in a previous post that he got in the "gip" shop. Logan went on at least two lengthy golf cart rides a day - he was in heaven.
watching Shamu

We emailed a picture of him in and they put it on the screen at the end of the show. He's on the far left - hat backwards.

Aaron is growing up way too quickly too. I feel like I just wrote that he had stopped rolling over. I think he started rolling over again the day after I wrote that. He continues to be a happy guy and is absolutely taken with Lucy and my parent's dog Jake. He just laughs and squeals when they lick his hands and legs. I usually put a quick stop to it, but it really is cute.
And that tooth I swore I saw - others saw it too - is gone. Weeeeird. I moved Aaron to a 4 bottle schedule and he didn't seem to notice the loss of a bottle. He still is just eating veggies and eats them very passionately. If I hold the spoon up in the air he reeeeaaaaches for it with both hands. Very cute. Aaron is only fussy when he is tired. Give him a dry diaper and a sleep sack and his eyes close instantly and he's out! Easy breezy! He is such a squishable, kissable baby. I love having him in my arms while watching big brother play. Doesn't get any better!

Logan and Aaron's relationship is super cute. Aaron just thinks the world of Logan and Logan is very respectful of what is Aaron's. He even shares his toys sometimes. The other day in the car I was saying, "Mama, Aaron, say Mama." Logan jumped in and said, "Baby Aaron say Logan." Several times a week Logan will ask to go see Aaron sleeping before he goes to bed, so we take him in there to peek. Could be a stall tactic, but I think he sincerely loves his little bro.

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