Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My First Playdate

I forgot to post pictures this weekend of Logan's first playdate Friday. My friends Kim (Lexie's mom) and Joanna (Charlie's mom) and Baby and I had tons of fun chatting and PLAYING! Lexie is 2 and Charlie is 1. Charlie and Logan actually share a birthday, so it is so weird for me to look at him knowing that Logan will be in his shoes next year. He walks and throws things and waves and stuff - weird!

Logan has 3 playdates this week, too. I'm trying to get tons of them in before I go back to work on February 19. (sad face)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I think mommy turned the swing on too high so I decided to snap a photo.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Schedule Schmwedule!

I have to laugh tonight after reading over my post yesterday about how great it is to have Logan on a schedule. Today was just awful. Our sweet son must've read yesterdays message and laughed to himself, "I'll show them schedule!"

We went to church last night instead of this morning because we didn't have anything else to do and we thought it would be nice not to have to rush around this morning tyring to get there. Logan must not have liked the idea. He still woke up at 7 to eat, we went to Main Street Cafe like we do every weekend, he ate again at 11 am and then he was supposed to nap for 2 hours (that's what my book says - "baby naps for 2 hours after second feeding"). No nap. Then instead of eating at 3 like he's supposed to (book - "baby is to eat every 4 hours") he was hungry, and I mean HUNGRY at 2. So I stalled as long as I could, but by 2:10 I had tryed all my good moves to keep him occupied and nothing would work, so I fed him. So surely, SURELY he's tired and will nap for a few hours now, right? NOPE. We rocked, we bounced, we strolled, we sang and the boy wasn't going to sleep. I must note that while he did not nap, he was pleasant for the most part. So now we're exhausted and his 7 pm meal is now on schedule to be a 6 pm meal. Long story short (or not so short)he is asleep now at 8:20 after a 6:20 meal. Please sleep until 7 am sweet boy!

All moms reading this are laughing at me right now. I realized, ladies, that the said "schedule" wouldn't work every day, but I just didn't know how painful it would be. Thank heavens Andrew was home to help me not go crazy. I had to go on a walk to re-group.

It's hard to be frustrated, though, when I get to kiss these sweet cheeks all day

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Crazy Winter

Yesterday was beautiful - 80 degrees, a light breeze and lots of sun. We had a play date with Kim and Lexie and Joanna and Charlie and then ate lunch outside, sat on the back porch for a while when we got home and then watched the sunset from the driveway. Logan loves being outside and daddy enjoyed taking pictures.

Today is a different story. It is 35 degrees and windy. We ran a few errands, but are now cozy at home for the rest of the evening. I'm about to take my eyeballs out of my head and rub them on the doormat - they itch so bad. Andrew hates when I say that, but I think its a great description of how much this crazy weather affects my allergies.

Logan has slept through the night 4 nights in a row. . . almost. He wakes up each morning at 4:45 and goes back to bed quickly after a diaper change or a re-swaddle. This morning was a different story. He just stayed up (cat napped a little I guess) until it was time to eat at 7. Mommy is tired. But I'm so pleased that he is on a schedule and is very predictable all day. He eats at 7, 11, 3 and 7 and is in bed by 8:30. I know we'll hit a few bumps in his schedule as he grows, but for now we are thrilled. Let's have another baby!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

2 Months. . .

Don't let this picture fool you. Andrew had just pulled his plug and he's about to LOSE it!

Logan is two months old today - can't believe it! He had his first round of shots this afternoon, so he's been fussy, but mostly sleepy. Yes, we're giving him all his vaccines and we're not even spacing them out. I'm not one to believe that vaccines lead to the "A" word and I trust God with our son's health, so I'm choosing not to worry about it.

Logan weighs 12.2 pounds and measures 23" long - 50th percentile for both. His head is in the 25th percentile, which surprised me because it gave us problems during birth and well, it just looks big to me!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Doctor Makes House Call to See Logan

Well, the doctor came to the house to see Logan yesterday. Thankfully this was just a visit from our friends, Dr. Melissa Waters and Matt Singer. Here are some photos from their visit...

Logan was on his best behavior as always. We like to convince all of our friends that having a baby is easy and they should try it too.

Being cute for visitors can be a little exhausting.....

Friday, January 16, 2009

Welcome to the world of blogging Mr. Thomas

Here we go. This is my first addition to our family blog. Well, to tell the truth, this is my first blog ever. Since I don't really know what to write, I'll tell you a little bit about what is happening around me. Logan is in his swing to my left watching me type. Lucy is laying in the kitchen. Marlie is waiting for me to leave to go get dinner. I am typing and also watching "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader" and the lady walked away with $0. Not only did she not know that Niagara Falls is located in New York, but she also didn't have a guess for any question. Did I mention she is a pediatric nurse? Poor Logan, we'll keep a close eye on him during our visits to the doctor's office. Well, time to go get dinner. This blog is over and out. (I just decided I need a catchy phrase for all my posts, any ideas?)


Meet Our New Babysitter

Thursday, January 15, 2009

All dressed up. . .

... and nowhere to go. . .

This is a happy boy being photographed by a happy mommy. Logan slept for over 8 hours last night! I'm not bragging or claiming that we have this sleep thing down, but boy are we getting close!

Monday, January 12, 2009

For Aunt Amy

Now that Andrew has a fancy new camera he takes lots of our pictures and it takes more time for me to convert the files to post them. So until I get to it, here is a picture of Logan in the Houston airport today.

Logan was great on the trip. He slept soundly at the hotel and socialized like a champ. We will fly again in March and he'll be so much more aware then, so my fingers are crossed that it will still be that easy.

Friday, January 9, 2009

He Flies!

Logan took his first plane ride this morning. We are in Harlingen (where I grew up) for another baby shower for him. It is a joint shower with a friend of mine who is due in March. Anyway, so he was great on the plane. You can't get to Harlingen from Dallas on Southwest without stopping in Houston or San Antonio. You don't have to switch planes, but you still have to land and let passengers off/on. Logan slept through the first leg of the trip and I fed him on the second let. I am so proud of him! I hear it gets harder the older they get though. . .

And, AND, we put him to bed last night at 10-ish and WE HAD TO WAKE HIM UP THIS MORNING to feed him before our flight! That's 8+ hours of sleep - AGAIN! He is sleeping right now on our hotel couch (don't worry, he's secure and won't fall off!). We'll see how tonight goes. We've done our best to keep him on schedule today.

Pictures of our trip to come. . .

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Camo Baby

Logan has lots of hair in the back, but has lost it on top. A sneak peak of what he'll look like at 30 I guess. . .

talking to Mama


Oh! He slept from 11 pm to 5 am again. Looks like an every other night thing. And if that's the case, I'm in for a long night tonight.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Tummy Time

Logan likes being on his tummy as long as we're laying by him. His neck is so strong - he keeps it up the whole time.

Logan slept from 10:30 last night until 5 am. I think that's a full night, right? We'll see if he makes a habit of it. . .

Freezing rain here, so we're staying in today in our PJs by the fire. Short sentences because he's asleep in my left arm.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

6 weeks today

Feels like little Logan has been with us so much longer. He is still a great baby. We have moved him to his crib and he is in a good routine for the most part even with family in town.

My sister-in-law Kristi sent her baby scale down with Andrew's parents. Logan weighs 11 pounds. Pictures later. . .