Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My First Playdate

I forgot to post pictures this weekend of Logan's first playdate Friday. My friends Kim (Lexie's mom) and Joanna (Charlie's mom) and Baby and I had tons of fun chatting and PLAYING! Lexie is 2 and Charlie is 1. Charlie and Logan actually share a birthday, so it is so weird for me to look at him knowing that Logan will be in his shoes next year. He walks and throws things and waves and stuff - weird!

Logan has 3 playdates this week, too. I'm trying to get tons of them in before I go back to work on February 19. (sad face)


Anne said...

Logan looks like he is having a good time with his friends. I love Lexie's green shoes

Anonymous said...

I'm loving the green shoes also!

Rachel said...

Now if we could just get Charlie and Lexie's Mommas blogging with us we would be on to something.

(That was a direct hint Jo and Kim)

Hugs and Kisses!!