Sunday, January 25, 2009

Schedule Schmwedule!

I have to laugh tonight after reading over my post yesterday about how great it is to have Logan on a schedule. Today was just awful. Our sweet son must've read yesterdays message and laughed to himself, "I'll show them schedule!"

We went to church last night instead of this morning because we didn't have anything else to do and we thought it would be nice not to have to rush around this morning tyring to get there. Logan must not have liked the idea. He still woke up at 7 to eat, we went to Main Street Cafe like we do every weekend, he ate again at 11 am and then he was supposed to nap for 2 hours (that's what my book says - "baby naps for 2 hours after second feeding"). No nap. Then instead of eating at 3 like he's supposed to (book - "baby is to eat every 4 hours") he was hungry, and I mean HUNGRY at 2. So I stalled as long as I could, but by 2:10 I had tryed all my good moves to keep him occupied and nothing would work, so I fed him. So surely, SURELY he's tired and will nap for a few hours now, right? NOPE. We rocked, we bounced, we strolled, we sang and the boy wasn't going to sleep. I must note that while he did not nap, he was pleasant for the most part. So now we're exhausted and his 7 pm meal is now on schedule to be a 6 pm meal. Long story short (or not so short)he is asleep now at 8:20 after a 6:20 meal. Please sleep until 7 am sweet boy!

All moms reading this are laughing at me right now. I realized, ladies, that the said "schedule" wouldn't work every day, but I just didn't know how painful it would be. Thank heavens Andrew was home to help me not go crazy. I had to go on a walk to re-group.

It's hard to be frustrated, though, when I get to kiss these sweet cheeks all day


Anne said...

Is that his I'll show her" look?

Anonymous said...

My God, that kid is so yummy! Oh, Mr. Sweet Cheeks! Be good to the momma and the momma will be good to you. P.S. That won't be your last walk, Marlie.

SamiG said...

Chuckle... yay I get to do it all again.

I always attributed the no nap/hungry bear days to growth spurts. I could never come up with a better explanation and our schedule almost always resumed the next day.

Rachel said...

I just have to say how proud I am that you are going to church, I quit going regularly once I had kids. I really miss it, need to get my crew on a schedule so we can get back!! Love you, lets play as soon as the weather gets nice... next week?