Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lauren and Easton Visit

My college roommate Lauren and her son came to visit us this weekend. Easton is 7 months older than Logan and is just darling! We all had so much fun playing together, but at the end of the trip we realized that Lauren and I were so busy mommying that we didn't really get to catch up. I feel a girl's weekend coming on!

We took the boys to Joe Ts for lunch on Saturday. They are both guacamole fans, so I'd say it was a successful lunch.

Lauren and I have been wanting to see the new construction on the TCU campus, so after breakfast on Saturday we packed up the boys for a stroller ride. SO much has changed.

Old Student Center and Frog fountain

View of boy's side from Frog Fountain. New student center on right (backs up to Stadium Drive)

Colby Hall, our freshman girls dorm, is now hiding behind all the shiny new dorms.

Boys watching Baby Einstein after breakfast

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Rachel said...

Logan eats guacamole!! Holy Guacamole... he is my new BFF!!! Can he be my date next time we go for mexican food? I bet he would fight me for the queso huh? Hugs and Kisses sweet boy!!