Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Goings on

Isn't she beautiful?!
We had an eventful weekend with visitors. First Andrew's cousin Derek, wife Wendi and PRECIOUS Raleigh came for dinner and play on Saturday. Then Andrew's old friend Austin was in town from Atlanta and stopped by to visit and meet Logan on Sunday.

Here's a series of pictures. Guess who was ready for bed?

Logan's first corn on the cob

If you were a mom in the 70's you probably know what this picture means. . .

"Ginger" Violet is what I call it now, because I swear that's what the nurse told me when I asked for clarification THREE times! You think you'd spell out a word like Gentian.

And if you don't know, then I will leave you guessing - magic marker? grape snow cone? Horned Frog spirit?

(and did you know there's a prescription for this now and that my child's mouth doesn't have to be "over-the-counter" purple?! His nurses must not like me!)

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Anonymous said...

I remember having to put that stuff on two of my three kids mouths when they were little. I applied it with q-tips. Looks like he quite enjoyed it!