Wednesday, August 19, 2009

at the Doctor's Office

After our trip to the Aquarium and a cat-nap on the ride home, Logan had his 9 month Dr. visit. Thankfully there were no infant vaccinations on today's schedule, but he did get his flu shot. Did you know that under the age of 8, the first time a child receives his flu shot, he has to have it twice?! So we go back in a month for round 2.

Logan weighs 21 pounds 3 ounces. He is 29 inches long. His weight has gone down on the curve after it's spike at 6 months. Doc says he will probably hold steady now for several years (55% ish). We can tell because he's not growing out of clothes as quickly (thank Heavens!) Logan continues to spike in the height department, growing 1 1/2 inches since his last visit (65% ish).


Anonymous said...

Mimi misses you a lot , Logan. You are getting so big and can do so many new things since the last time I saw you.... I need a Logan fix......Hurry to Omaha...XOXO Mimi

Rachel said...

Yay for only 1 shot!! He is the cutest ever, we love him!!! SMOOCH!!