Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dallas World Aquarium

I took the day off work to join some friends for a play date at the Dallas World Aquarium. There were 5 adults and 7 kids. 4 strollers (including one for twins) and 1 wagon. What an adventure!

We had a blast and didn't have many melt-downs. Logan fell asleep after lunch just after strolling through the shark tunnel. We were surrounded and it was really neat!

Here are some of the pictures from my camera. Rachel and Emily took pictures, too, so I'll post more once I get those.

The Maclaren stoller gang

Joanna with Charlie and Amber with Cora

Emily pushing twins and Rachel pulling Will

Jack and Logan

Presley. Who helped Logan with his bottle at lunch while rubbing his hair. She is very nurturing.

Jack and Kate, who are even more precious in person than on their blog if you can even imagine how that is possible!

Emily took Jack to look at the birds and Kate got a little hungry I guess

Emily and Kate


Rachel and Presley

Logan and Kate (he wants a sister so badly - that's all he'll talk about now!)

Amber and Cora

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Rachel said...

You are FAST with your posting... I am a blog slacker... love all these pics. Thanks for letting Presley love all over Logan. SO FUNNY the way he was turning in his stroller at lunch to try to see us. He DOES need a sister (or a brother)... love ya!!