Thursday, September 29, 2011

Aaron 7 Months

. . .er. . . 7 1/2 months

Precious with a capital P. Aaron is a constant joy in our crazy lives. Both of our boys are actually, but Aaron can't tell us no yet, so he squeaks by with a win on this one.

At 7 months Aaron has his two bottom teeth, sits without assistance, scoots all over the place, and is getting pretty good at the transition from sitting to scooting. I actually looked over at him tonight and he was on his knees, but he quickly remembered that he doesn't know how to move in that position yet and dropped to his belly. Aaron gets 75% of his puffs in his mouth on the first shot. He eats two solid meals a day and still has 4 bottles - and holds them by himself.

All you have to do to get him to smile is simply look at him. My favorite new skill is waving hi and bye bye. For a hello he holds his arm up and moves his hand in a circular motion from the wrist - like royalty. And for goodbye he jolts his entire arm up and down.

And he's finally sleeping like a champ again as of 2 weeks ago. Must've been the teeth. I'm dreading the next round.

Aaron scoots so fast that you can't leave him unattended for long. He will either come find you or crawl into a corner after a toy and get stuck. He absolutely LOVES Logan and wants to play near him. If Aaron hears Logan's voice in another room he will stretch his neck to look for him. Logan is very good at sharing so far and Aaron is forgiving when he does forget to share.

Thank you for sharing your bright smile every morning thru the slats of your crib, sweet boy. Makes my day!

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