Sunday, March 27, 2011

Road Trip

Last weekend I took the boys to San Antonio to visit my parents. From there we all drove to Harlingen/McAllen to visit my brother's family and old friends. The boys were superstar road trippers, Andrew was able to have a relaxing weekend off, and I was glad for the change of scenery and extra hands.

Logan's favorite parts of the trip were getting to ride with Poppy in the golf cart, watching movies in the car, and playing with all of Ms. Cheryl's tractors. Dad stayed in McAllen Saturday night and mom and I took the boys to Harlingen to see old friends. We stayed at Farmer Richard (as Logan came to know him) and Ms. Cheryl's house. They have 2 cribs permanently set up, so it worked out nicely for us. The Keltners, Magees, and Lynn Johnsons came over for an impromptu party. I'm so mad that I didn't get any pictures.

Lenzy and Logan

Lauren and Logan

Lenzy and Aaron

When the church service started in Harlingen, Logan immediately put his hands over his ears. The music was really loud and since he always goes to Sunday school at our church he doesn't have any reference for this loud music at church. I took him out into the lobby until the worship neared its end. When we went back in he continued to cover his ears and telling me, "I don't like this church." Don't take it personally CFC Harlingen.

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