Wednesday, March 16, 2011


It is slow progress, but Logan is becoming more and more interested in Aaron. Here are the three shots we have of them together so far.
Notice his hand behind Aaron. He pushed him away right after the shot.
Before pushing him away, he said, "I'm done." Progress.

Logan's newest stall tactic before bed is to say that he wants to hold Aaron. Sometimes we give in, sometimes we don't. A few times this week I've caught Logan looking at Aaron and saying, "awwww." Then he quickly moves on to something else.

The other night Andrew was holding Aaron and I was going to put Logan to bed. I asked Logan to give baby Aaron kisses and he reached over and awkwardly poked his cheek. Then he grabbed his nose. All of our noses make different honking sounds when squeezed, so I guess he wanted to see what baby Aaron's nose sounded like. It all happened so quickly that I wasn't able to formulate a noise in time. I'll have to start thinking of what tiny beep his nose will make.

Aaron was in his papasan chair the other day and his arms flailed up while he was sleeping and one of his arms kind of lingered in the air for a few seconds. Logan walked over and gave him a fist bump. Died laughing.

This is big progress for us since the first week Aaron was here and crying in the car Logan asked me to let him out and then asked to go back home. No joke. Now he ignores the crying or tries to shush shush shush him.

We love our precious boys so much and are so excited to watch their relationship grow. We look forward to them being best buds someday.