Friday, March 4, 2011

Photos from my iPhone

I've been terrible about taking pictures of Aaron. All the things they say about the poor 2nd child are proving to be true at our house. And don't even ask me how many baths the little guy's had. I can still count them on one hand. Here are a few shots from my iPhone, which is luckily always handy.

I'm not really taking the time to post that I want, so it's 3 AM and I'm feeding Aaron and decided now would be the perfect time to blog.

Things around here are running smoothly. The toughest part of my day is getting the boys fed, dressed, and loaded up by 8 AM to get Logan to school. I also try and put on a touch of make-up and some work out gear so I look like I'm in control. After that the day is smooth sailin'. Once Logan's dropped off I have an hour or so to run errands. Tuesday I went for a pedicure and today I have a hair appointment - both long overdue. Yesterday I ran to Babies R Us and then to Kim's to hang out for a few hours. And it is slowing down now, but usually we have someone scheduled to fix or deliver something so I have to be around for that. And on Monday I had lunch with a friend from work who delivered on the same day in the room next door at the hospital (still haven't gotten o thy story yet - sorry).

Aaron's a great baby. He isn't keeping me up all night - usually eating at 11, 3, and 7. He is wide awake after his 3 AM meal though, so it's a little harder to get back to sleep. He isn't a big fan of his paci, so it takes longer to soothe him. Part of me wants him to love it and part of me hopes he won't so that we have fewer habits to break.

Aaron still doesn't really exist in Logan's world although I can see progress. He gives me status updates from the back seat about whether his eyes are open or closed. And occasionally will peek into his swing, papasan, or car seat just for a second. He has finally agreed to hold him - twice now - and we have pictures that I will post soon. He very literally only holds him for 5 seconds, but we'll take what we can get!

More later, with pictures, back to bed now....

I'm back. 10:45 PM 2 days later. I'm waiting for Aaron to wake up for his late meal. I should've gone to bed hours ago, but there's just so much to do. I had a productive day and ordered birth announcements, stamps, and our 2010 blog book.

We went to Katelyn's 2 year birthday party this afternoon without our camera. It is always great to see the Spratts and Liz throws a mean party. We almost went to Joe Ts for dinner, but I didn't have the energy for a meal out, so Logan chose "Chickalay" instead and we brought it home.

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