Monday, September 14, 2009

Of rain, ear infections, and just plain mischief

Just wanted to post quickly to let you know what we've been up to indoors. It has been raining for days. All day, every day since at least Friday I think, maybe Thursday. All the days are running together. Here's our pool yesterday. I got a call from Logan's school on Wednesday afternoon that he was running a fever. I brought him home for some TLC, Tylenol and a good nap. The nurse figured it was a little virus from our trip last weekend. He still had fever on Thursday, but the nurse said to give it another day and to come in on Friday if it persisted. It did. During Friday's visit they found a double-ear infection. Poor guy! This is his 2nd ear infection and he doesn't show any obvious signs when he gets them - no ear rubbing or super-fussiness. I guess I'll just have to look for him to be extra tired and always assume that fever means ear infection. Live and learn!

Andrew and I juggled half-days at work on Thursday and Friday to stay with him, and I've got to admit that I really enjoyed being home during the day! I'm so tired today after my WHOLE day at work. Logan is extra tired today, too, from catching up with all of his friends. One of the twins in his class is walking now. Do y'all know what this means for us??? It won't be long.

Logan learns something new every day.

Like tonight for instance: Andrew and I were chatting in the kitchen, while I wasn't cooking, and all of a sudden Logan opens a cabinet. We just looked at each other in shock and then Logan flashed Andrew the biggest smile. I guess I should baby-proof for real now, huh?!

Can I get anyone a devilled egg???

I realize how funny it sounds to tell your son to "go climb on the bookshelf," but at each end of the island are a few shelves.


Anne said...

Something tells me he won't need much encouragement to climb the shelves.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the noises he makes. Aunt Amy is missing Logan very much!

Sami said...

Oooooh, have fun! You are lucky you have handles on your cabinets. I highly recommend using the ugly handle locks. The kind you can't see and screw into the back are only baby safe for a nano-second until mr. smarty pants figures out how to use them. Good Luck! ;)