Saturday, September 19, 2009

Logan's First TCU Game

looking at the Mountain West flags at the top of the stadium

Tonight we took Logan to his very first TCU game. He was a big-time trooper because we stayed until 9:30 and he was awake the whole time!

At the start of the game he just didn't know where to look - at the horn, the flags, the fireworks, the crowd. It was so fun to watch him take it all in. I actually teared up during the national anthem thinking that this moment was the start of so many fun years of TCU football with our family!

As far as being in the game is concerned, he's just a one quarter man. Mr. Antsy Pantsy just couldn't be held for another second, but it was too crowded to just put him down in our row of bleachers. 'Can't complain about the great crowd though! I took him down to the tailgate for a stoller ride and some neighboring tailgater kids had bubbles that they entertained him with for a while.

Andrew caught a few pictures on his phone of Logan actually smiling. He is a very serious baby when there's so much new to take in.


Anne said...

The last pic should be a TCU ad. He is the cutest frog ever.

Kelsey and Charlie said...

How fun! I can't wait to take to an Aggie game. Callie is a straight-faced too, when there's a lot going on.