Tuesday, September 29, 2009

a new adventure every day

Logan enjoys being outside in the evenings after dinner. He bear crawls around and explores grass, leaves, and whatever other stuff has fallen from the trees.

And after that, he helps me load the dishwasher

On Sunday, Matt and Melissa had us over for a yummy dinner and Logan enjoyed watching Libby the beagle run like a greyhound around the house. Then he tried to follow her out the doggie door (while I was trying to put his PJs on him)

And here's some more pictures of playtime. . .


Anne said...

You would think that walking would be easier than the bear crawl. He is such a pleasant little guy. I need a Logan fix. He must really miss his Nonny.

Katie said...

Your little boy is so precious. Maybe one day we will be in Harlingen at the same time so I can meet him.


Anonymous said...

That bear crawl is genetic----his daddy would crawl like that and we thought it was the shag rug that tickled his knees. XOXO Mimi