Saturday, November 1, 2008

Uh oh - I'm cleaning baseboards!

Almost every mom has a pre-birth baseboard story - ". . .the night before So and So was born I was on my hands and knees cleaning baseboards. . ." Andrew and I cleaned our carpet today. We had a bad experience with a steam cleaning company (wet carpet for FOUR days), so we just do it ourselves now (plug - the Oreck dry cleaning system is super easy and has great results). Anyway, it involves sprinkling a powder on your carpet and using the Orbiter to rub the powder into the carpet. This process causes the baseboards to become powdery, so afterward I have to use the mini Oreck and brush accessory to clean them up. Hopefully I won't have this kiddo tomorrow, though, there's still a few more things I need to wrap up around here and especially at the office.

We also hung a curtain today in Logan's room. My mom found a cute fabric that matched his bedding and threw together a super cute window covering. The original plan was to get shutters for this window, but boy are shutters expensive. And with the market down like it is, we just decided we could sacrifice the shutters. Logan's room is that room in the house - I'm guessing every house has one - that is super cold in the winter and unbearably hot in the summers. This window brings in so much light, too, that we were worried about sleeping habits. But now, NOW we have this curtain that blocks so much light and heat. It was almost comfortable in there this afternoon despite the 80 degree November day outside.


Anne said...

I love the lights and the glider. The room looks great. Glad the curtain worked. Wouldn't Lucy be cute laying on the rug? Mom

Amy Cheshire said...

I LOVE the room! Think this thirty-five year old married mother of three can get away with decorating her room like that?

Rachel said...

His room turned out so great, I just love it! It was so awesome seeing you last night, amazing to think that the next time I see you may be at the hospital.

Phil is working OB today, the 12th and the 16th... please text me so if he isn't there we can get someone good to do your anesthesia. Love you!