Friday, October 24, 2008

36 Weeks and a few days

So I'm going weekly to my Dr. now. That means we're getting close I think. She said not to expect Logan to be a day early from what she can tell right now. That's fine with me. I can't believe that I have just roughly 3 weeks left of not being a mommy. I'm going to try to enjoy every second.

So it's time for more pictures, and for a change of scenery Andrew and I stepped outside to our front porch. After the first picture we agreed that my smiles have been pretty weird lately. I don't know if it's the bigger cheeks, the pressure of the posed shot, or if I'm just not feeling picture-ific. So I tried out a couple of new poses. Enjoy!

The first picture - and the best shot of my Autumn decor

This is the face I make when people ask me how I feel

The monkey face

No explanation, but after this shot I was informed I was blocking all the pumpkins

Stay tuned for news of exciting progress in Logan's room. . .


Anne said...

You look sooo cute. MOM

Valerie said...

I can still see the pumpkins Andrew! You look soooo adorable!