Thursday, October 16, 2008

"TCU ends BYU's BCS hopes, win streak, and undefeated season"

That's the headline. I was hoping for words like "crushes" or "trampled," but I guess "ends" is okay, too.
(I can't figure out how to make this link work, so cut and paste if you want more details of our crushing, trampling victory over BYU)

What an exciting night at Amon Carter Stadium! I'm not sure many thought we could pull this off, and although I tried to be hopeful, I also had my doubts. The Horned Frogs pulled it off. . . and then some. Our defense was incredible. Good things lie ahead for the Frogs - I feel it!

My feet and back hurt. Good night.

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Rachel said...

1 Utah team down, 1 to go!!! I will be in UT freezing my tushy off cheering for our FROGS!!