Wednesday, October 8, 2008

34 weeks

Leapin' lizzards! We're having a baby in 6 weeks!!! I had a Dr. appointment today and all is well. Logan is head down and about 4 pounds. Every time I hear his heartbeat I get goosebumps. We are so excited to meet our little guy! I had to get a flu shot today because the nurse "highly recommends" it. I haven't had a flu shot in years and can't remember the last time I was sick (knock on wood). I just KNOW that because I was forced to get this shot now I will get sick. I'm still feeling great and sleeping well. (and no more kankles for now)

Work is so stressful this month. Aside from the normal busy end-of-quarter stuff, the market is a mess, which you already know if you've paid the slightest attention to the news. My boss is out of town for 2 weeks and I'm SWAMPED with client calls and requests. This month is flying by, which is a good thing I suppose. . .

This is a fun new t-shirt I bought at Christmas in Cowtown. (Who grew out of her black bra?!)


Anne said...

You look so cute and I love the shirt. There should be a sideways growth chart. Maybe I should invent one. Love you, Mom

Dan & V said...

Oh my gosh. I am just so so so thrilled and absolutely excited for the two of you and your families. What a great adventure! Thomas- tell your momma well done on her hole in one. Will Logan wear an Obama Biden onesie when we win?! Come on, I live in a hippie hut.

Much love from California,
Vanessa & Dan
Go huskers