Saturday, November 8, 2008

39 weeks!

Here is what is probably the last pregnant picture I will post on this site. With only a week to go until my due date I'm guessing the next picture I post will be of our son. That is a frightening (but exciting!) thought. My pregnancy has been so great and has flown by for the most part. Tonight Andrew and I went to the wedding of a friend and co-worker of mine. We had a great time, but I felt like the grandma in the room who wanted to leave only after I had eaten cake. I think we were the first ones to leave. Great cake, though!

Several people have asked if we are ready to have this baby. My only response is that we are as ready as we know how to be. We know we are in for some intense on-the-job training over the next few weeks. . .and years!

We will keep you posted if there are any new developments! My bet is on Wednesday, November 12. The 13th is a full moon, too, so maybe that will draw the little guy out of me!


Anne said...

Get some rest this week. The 12th would be on Granddad's birthday. Love you , Mom

Amy Cheshire said...

Great hair! The only chubby thing on you is your feet! With the right diet and exercise you should have your pre-pregnancy feet back in no time.

Dan & V said...

So excited for you! May this last week be full of sleep and last minute cleaning! Thinking of you all from Cali- Vanessa