Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Little Prayer of Thanksgiving

Well, it's just after 5 am and I'm awake - very awake. I've seen every hour on the clock since 1 am and every minute since 4 am. Maybe I drank too much water last night. Maybe my body doesn't like not working all day and is telling me to get back to the office for some brain exercise. Maybe I'm nervous that my Dr. is going to give me no hope of ever meeting my sweet baby boy EVER at today's appointment.

Whatever the reason, I'm just trying to be grateful that at 40 weeks pregnant this is the first sleepless night I've had. I've had a few rough nights, but for the most part, I've had great sleep. I've got friends who haven't been sleeping for months and I've got friends who are up 5 times a night to potty starting at 13 weeks. But me? Until this week I've only been up once a night.

Thank you Lord for the incredible pregnancy that I've had. Thank you that Logan and I are both healthy and that there's nothing worrying the Dr. that makes her want to take him out of me until he's ready. Thank you for being in in control of this whole situation and for giving me so much patience about his arrival when everyone else seems to be in a big hurry.

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Rachel said...

I was just telling Joanna yesterday how impressed I am with you and your outlook. You are so right, nowadays... everyone is in such a hurry for babies to be born. Little Logan will come when he is done cooking.

Sorry about being awake, that sucks especially when you don't have to be awake.

I will call ya today while I am out on about.