Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow Days

Logan's school follows the FWISD schedule which has cancelled school for the past 3 days. With a school full of downtown business professional's children, I just received an email that they are re-evaluating that policy. Today was definitely a workable day and the first day that most of my co-workers returned to the office.

On the plus side, these forced days off have been really fun. I'm grateful for the last few days of one-on-one time with Logan. He has been in great spirits - super sweet, cute, and funny - even though we are "stuck" inside. It is really cold out, I don't have the energy to shiver, I have to be cautious on the ice because I'm so prego, and I can't safely carry Logan for fear of both of us going down. Andrew has gone out with him a few times to get the mail or throw a few snowballs.

Logan wanted to wear his cowboy hat outside to get the mail, but I insisted he wear his warm hat, so this was the compromise.

I had a crazy nesting morning and took every cushion off the couch and wiped them all down and vacuumed them. And he's choosing his own clothes now and insisted on skeleton PJs. The other night he was in Santa PJs. Snow Day mess

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